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Mainframe - Computing Facility Environment [Unreal Engine]

A real-time game-ready environment of a computing facility. The environment is based off of some awesome concept artwork by Aaron Foster (Razorb).

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A real-time game-ready environment of a computing facility based on original artwork by Aaron Foster (Razorb). Special thanks to Neil Gowland whose own depiction of the concept helped me understand and formulate my own.

In addition to the video and presentation posters for the environment inside of the Unreal Engine, I've also produced a couple of posters for a few individual assets. The environments were not quite as modular as I originally anticipated, and required lot more assets were required than I thought!

Feedback appreciated, as always!

Mainframe - Realtime Game-Ready Environment [Unreal Engine]

Dan powell mainframe serverroom likeconcept
Dan powell mainframe serverroom topdownangled
Dan powell mainframe serverroom groundup
Dan powell mainframe serverroom rackshot
Dan powell mainframe corridor likeconcept
Dan powell mainframe corridor topdownangled
Dan powell mainframe bigroom frontwidedoordesks
Dan powell mainframe bigroom backcornerwideangle
Dan powell mainframe bigroom balconylookout
Dan powell mainframe bigroom platformshot
Dan powell serverscanner poster
Dan powell crate poster
Dan powell chair poster
Dan powell modularceiling poster
Dan powell modularfloor poster
Dan powell serverracks closeup