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Rink Riot (PS4 PhyreEngine Game Prototype)

Rink Riot is a multiplayer, top-down vehicular party game produced as a prototype for the Playstation 4, powered by the PhyreEngine.

Players engage in a game of air hockey with a twist: their vehicles can paint the surface of the rink with their team's colour, speeding up their vehicles and slowing the opposition.

Rink Riot was developed through the Steel Minions Game Studio in an eight-strong team including myself. I was responsible for producing many of the vehicles and assets, as well as testing and iterating on the design of core gameplay.

Rink Riot took awards in several categories at the 2016 Game Republic event, the largest games network gathering in the North of England.

Rink Riot - Gameplay footage.

Dan powell rinkriot vehicleevolution

All models shown produced by myself. Concept design by Jarran Hobson.

Dan powell rinkriot arrowhead

New vehicles shown produced by Will Howorth.